Our story so far.

It’ll started back in 2018 when the founder, Ammar,
Received a gift from his brother straight from Dubai.
it was a high brand sunglasses with really expensive packaging and superfluous stuff.
And he noticed that the packaging cost more than the item itself…
“All fur coat and no knickers”

– as they said

Ammar, realised that if he decreases the unnecessary packing with high quality item he’ll cut off half the price, so your half payment going to the fuck’n trash-can  . (Literally)
Patience is the key
Two years of struggling and seeking for experience and knowledge, And you know what? Knowledge is infinite ♾
 In different ways, He learned how to sell and how to deal also he became a junior brands builder. (Just time)
“What doesn’t kill you make you stronger” 

– As they said

Practical fulfilment
In July 2020 our CEO turned 24 years old and as an independent young man he decided to establish it.sunglasses and make it happen, (from here came the name) and a few months later it became a premium sunglasses brand, and together we’ve designing and making premium sunglasses at fair prices and focusing on delivering quality shades over the plus packaging
Fast-forward to the end of 2020, we’re hyped that our sunglasses has created a regionally community of likeminded audience who’ve been wearing our sunnies in stage, beaches, pools, and everywhere in between.
Live your life with it motion.
Work hard, play harder we’re inspired by the goal-chasers and trendy-leaders: the people who know the live they want, and go out and get it, you’ll find that spirit in our sunglasses; it’s bold, authentic and ready for the good times.

The Brand

It all started in 2020 when the online shopping was incredibly increasing so our founder, ammar,
Decided to made a sunglasses brand that provides high quality with fair prices and we made an amazing growth in short time.

Contact Us

Telephone: +962 7 9726 5662

Amman #73, 21510 Amman, Jordan
Monday to Thursday: 09:00am to 05:00pm


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